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Ultimate Christmas box

Ultimate Christmas box

Our ultimate Christmas collection gift box


1x 280grams Love Jar scented in Oud, Amber and Musk

1x 290 grams Tree shaped candle

1x 190 grams Sock shaped candle

1x Christmas Tree ornament

1x Pine cone shaped candle

1x 170 grams Bell shaped candle

1x Snowman candle

Comes in a gift box.

Australian Made Premium Fragrance Oil,

Non-Toxic, Clean-burning, No Paraffin

Handmade and hand poured in Sydney.

Note: Each candle is individually handmade, therefore actual colour and appearance of the candles may have slight difference. Our decorative candles may leak when burning. Please place a plate beneath it to catch the melting wax if you choose to burn it.

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